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Content Management System demonstration website

A Content Management System (CMS) lets you manage the content of your website without the intervention of a wesbite designer. It has lots of advantages

  1. You can save both time and money because it is quick and easy to change the content and you do not need to pay a web designer.
  2. The content management system looks after all the styling of the website allowing you to look after the content
  3. You can publish or unpublish pages to suit yourself. Have special offers for a limited period.
  4. Our content management system is simple to learn. If you can handle a word processor you can handle our system.

Try it yourself

We have a demonstration website that you can try. The content of it is reset every hour, but to limit spam and other unsavoury tricks we do ask for a name and email and we will create a username and password and mail it to you. This is an automatic process. The username is valid for 7 days. 

The "front" of the website (that everyone sees) is at

The "back" of the website (where you login in) is at