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Get a .tel domain - what it is and why you need one

.tel domains are the new way to collect all your contact information into one place.

The idea is very simple - if you have spent time and effort establishing a domain name or a brand then anyone should be able to figure out what your .tel domain is, they can then type it in and they will be able to contact you. For example, ours is

It is up to you how much information you decide to disclose on a .tel and like anything a good dose of common sense can go a long way towards avoiding trouble. For instance do NOT put your home address on, or your date of birth. In other words avoid very personal information.

Do I need a new website?

No. The .tel domain comes with its own website and its own administration system. Like most newly launched software the administration system still has a few rough edges on it, but no show stoppers.

With the administration system you can set certain standard things such as email addresses, websites, telephone numbers, business addresses and so forth. The idea is that with a .tel it should be easy for a customer to contact you.

Many people are speculating on what a combination of Google and .tel could be like when it comes to searching and consolidating information.

Watch a short video about how it works

There are some short videos on line about .tel and how it works. There is a better, more business oriented video (about 5 minutes) and a general video (about 3 minutes long) which shows the idea but only in the last 30 seconds. 

How do I get a .tel domain?

Getting a .tel domain is easy. Simply click here and fill out the form making sure you tell us which .tel domain you want. It costs £15 exVAT for a one year registration.

Existing GemBiz customers can use either the payment form or contact us and we will bill you direct.

How do I change my details?

Once the domain is registered and working we will email you the username and password  which will allow you to access the .tel domain and set up your records.