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Business examples and customer marketing

Many of our customers are businesses for whom marketing is a crucial part of what they do. One of the most cost effective marketing methods is the web, where any business can easily get its message across to potential customers for a remarkably low spend.

In order to assist you,  the web pages in this section are grouped by business examples and activity. This will allow you to see an example that interests you and your business.

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A summary of pages in this section is below

Business and Development of a Business

For companies that are interesting in developing a business further then providing customers with current information is of vital importance. Also making sure that that you meet the current legislation on disability and email legislation, can also be a (click here to read more)

Children's clubs

If you run a children's club, then you probably need to keep your parents informed of the activities that you are doing though the holidays as well as allowing parents to download application forms. Example websites  (click here to read more)

Conference venues and meeting facilities

For conference venues, inspecting the facilities on offer is a critical part of deciding whether to host an event at a given venue. We have selected two conference venues that have taken different approaches to this problem. The Freemasons' Hall, (click here to read more)

Education and training for teachers

Businesses in the Education sector revolve around the school year, so the ability to publish your calendar on a regular basis, is very important. Example websites  (click here to read more)

Environment and Pollution

If your business has an environmental aspect to it then will generate a lot of interest as the environment is a key issue in many peoples' lives. If you are a pressure group or a special interest group then the web offers a particularly effective medium (click here to read more)

Home services

If you provide services to individuals or provide "home" services then your main need is probably to give information about your product or service. We have encountered examples of companies listed in Yellow Pages who got work because their (click here to read more)

Websites for Hobbies, leisure and Entertainment

Leisure, hobbies and entertainment can consume their devotees time to a large extent. If some one is looking to be involved in an area covered by your business then you need to be able to give them a good overview of what you offer and what they can (click here to read more)

Online Magazines

When it comes to publishing on-line Magazines, organising information and maximising advertisement revenue are the key to a successful web site.Features to consider for your on-line magazineEasy search facilitiesQuick navigation to similar articlesClick (click here to read more)

Property for rent or for sale

If you are a property company then there several categories that you are likely to fall into. You will haveProperty for saleProperty for rentBusiness rental propertyProperty for saleProperties for sale, should allow a good view of the property and its (click here to read more)


For recruitment web sites searching for relevant positions is important to both the job seeker and the employer. It will mean that customers can find your advertisement quickly and apply for it straight away. (click here to read more)

Small Business but with great expectations

For Small Businesses a web site has become an essential part of the marketing mix.  The web site can provide backup materials, such as application forms, it can improve your corporate identity and it can be used by potential customers to access your (click here to read more)

Staff Development and Training

For businesses that provide staff development and training, then details about the training courses that the business has to offer is an essential requirement. If these training courses are provided externally then information about the location of the (click here to read more)

Static Examples

Static websites are for business that do not need to change their content often. Example websites  (click here to read more)