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Improving your computer's security is often seen as a difficult thing to do but there are a number of simple steps that you can take in order to shut the hackers out. The following articles will tell you how to improve your security at little or no cost, just a bit of time and effort (and maybe a few £'s!) If there is a subject that you would like to see covered but which is not published here then simply click here and tell us your requirements.
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Passwords to avoid

Mark Burnett, studied thousands of people for his book "Perfect Passwords" (available at Amazon) and he compiled a list of the 500 most common passwords. Looking at the list then you soon realise that most people like:-Simple - As the most (click here to read more)

Making a secure password

For a good password, you need something that is memorable so that you can remember it, but at the same time it needs to be secure so that hackers are kept out of your systems.These two requirements seem to be mutually exclusive but it is possible to (click here to read more)

Check your website works in Internet Explorer 8 (aka IE8)

Would you be worried if 33% of potential customers could not see your website? Not all websites display in all browsers and the problem is about to get a lot worse. What is the problem?  Microsoft, to its credit, has made its new browser work to (click here to read more)

Email and web site regulations

Companies in the UK must include certain regulatory information on their websites and in their email footers before 1 January 2007 or they will breach the Companies Act and risk a fine. All companies or organisations should list the following information (click here to read more)

Disability Discrimination Act and Websites

As a business, the Disability Discrimination Act means you now have an obligation to make yourself and your business accessible to the disabled. This is serious stuff - look at all the wheelchair ramps that are popping up everywhere and doors being made (click here to read more)

Why do I need anti-virus software?

If you are content to have your computer ruined, your files deleted, your personal information stolen and your software corrupted then you don't need anti-virus software. If you do object to having your computer wrecked and your time wasted then you had (click here to read more)

What is a firewall and why do I need one?

At its simplest a firewall is a way to keep unwanted intruders out of your computer. That's it! Any computer which is connected to the internet will need firewall protection. The internet is something of a two way street - when you are connected to (click here to read more)

Why you need to ditch Internet Explorer 6

If you are reading this then you are using a browser to do it. The most well known browser is Microsoft's Internet Explorer but it is not the only one available. To misquote George Orwell, "Not all browsers are equal and some are less equal (click here to read more)

Emails & Spam

The major use of the internet is sending emails, not web browsing. We all get emails everyday and as anyone who has used the internet for more than 15 minutes knows, not all the emails we get are emails we want. Emails can be a security hole in your (click here to read more)

What use is a website to me?

It is easy to convince someone that email is useful. It provides immediate satisfaction as you send out information and get replies back. Admittedly spam email is a nuisance but the other advantages of email make it worth putting up with the spam. But (click here to read more)