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Web marketing to increase sales and promote your business

In today's market you need web marketing to get your message across to your potential customers on a regular basis. It is no longer an option to have a web site and expect customers to find you - they won't.

If your web marketing is going to work then you need to engage with your customers and provide them with stimulus, to purchase your products or to remind them of the service that you offer. Web marketing can give you that opportunity.

Your web marketing tool

It is nice to have work just "roll in the door" as the world beats a path to your website. The reality for most businesses is that they require constant marketing effort and your website (or websites) can help make a real difference in this area. We can help you draw up effective web marketing plans to drive business to your website - simple, effective and proven techniques to assist you or your company to get that all important contact with a potential customer.

Web marketing 101

Always start simple. Begin by organising your website into the sections that allow your customers to see what you do. Once you have done that make sure that the following simple things are taken care of:

  • The text is clear and descriptions are good
  • Pictures are relevant to the text, products and services
  • Check that yor spelng is corrct as railly annoies peepul when it is not

Once you have ensured that you have removed the obvious mistakes then you are ready for the next stage.

Web Marketing 201

Once the website is sorted out, the next stage of your web marketing strategy is to make sure that people find out about you, your business and your website. Once again -keep it simple. Start by telling everyone you meet. Make sure any literature or leaflets have your website address on them, put the web address on the bottom of any emails you send. With just a little extra effort you can start to get people's attention very quickly. If your website content is good then word will spread.

Web marketing 301 ... and the rest 

The other pages in this section of our website are intended to help you draw up an effective web marketing strategy. Follow them and you will improve the quality of your website and its rankings on the major search engines.  Even so, ifyou want further help then do not hesitate to contact us or email us to find out more about effective web marketing.

A summary of pages in this section is below

I need a website for my business

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Market research

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Effective email marketing

It is 4 or 5 times easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to find a new customer, so you need to keep your current customers informed of your new products and services. The cheapest method to do this is through email marketing. For this you (click here to read more)

Blogs - Help increase your market

Blogs are just on-line diaries where you can provide information and interact with your customers. It is this interaction that gets your customers involved and builds up readership. With some blogs attracting hundreds of readers a day, it is a way of (click here to read more)

Use Link exchanges to promote your web site

One way thay you can promote your web site is through a link exchange. These companies will advertise your business for FREE if you include a link on your site to theres. Below we have listed a selection of Free on-line business directories that will (click here to read more)

Directories that will advertise your Business for FREE

Some directories will adverise your business for FREE, without having to add a link to there site. We have listed a few of these sites below (click here to read more)