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Open source - 21st Century software

Want real, genuine software for free?

Fully licenced, functional, no tricks? Then read on.... Open source is the new way to develop and use software. It means you can have quality software that costs you nothing.

So what's the catch?

Open source companies are a bit like inkjet printer companies - they give the printer away and charge you for the ink. With open source the software costs nothing but you pay for support. This section of the website is all about open source and how it can help you and your business. If there still questions that you want answered then mail them to us by clicking here and we will be happy to answer them.
A summary of pages in this section is below

How does Open-Source work?

There are a number of things to understand about open source software which is sometimes called free software. That word - free - is the tricky bit. Most "free" software does not cost you anything. Some "free" software does cost money. The problem is (click here to read more)

How to save a fortune and still get your work done

Many small companies buy one version of Microsoft Office and stick it on several machines. This is illegal and is a form of software piracy, but it is understandable. The software is expensive and piracy is easy. Pirating 10 copies could save you as much (click here to read more)

Do I still need Microsoft Windows?

Everybody knows Windows. Most of us are dimly aware of something else called the Mac. But as in politics, there is a third way in I.T. as well. That third way is something called Linux. (click here to read more)