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We at GemBiz have selected the following companies because of the assistance that they can provide to help your business.
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Data protection

If you are storing personal information about your staff or your customers then you need to make sure that you are complying with the data protection act. More information about the act are available from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) (click here to read more)

Increase productivity by rewarding your staff

Rewarding your staff, raises their moral, improves their loyalty to your company and increases their productivity. At a time when businesses need to be as efficient as possible, then now is the time to have motivated and productive staff.Working with (click here to read more)

Check your website works

Websites do not always display correctly in different browsers. How can you know if you are losing potential customers because your website is "broken"? (click here to read more)

Get the right pictures for your web site

People respond to pictures, so getting the right pictures for your web site is very important. The only problem is that these pictures can be expensive, luckily can stock photo can help as photographs suitable to be used on your web site start at $1. (click here to read more)

More pictures for you to choose from

There are lots of great websites offering good quality photographes at sensible prices. We have selected a few for you so that you can get your marketing message across by using the right image. (click here to read more)

Get cheaper calls

GemBiz have been using a service called 18866 where you dial the number 18866 before you make the call using the full number including area code. The cost of the call for UK landlines is then charged at a flat rate, regardless of how long you are on the (click here to read more)