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What are web applications?

Collabaration breeds success

What are web applications and do I need one?

Simply put, a web application is a program that run on the internet similar to the way a computer program runs on your computer. A web application allows you to treat the internet as part of your office network. You should consider a web application if

  • You need to coordinate information with other businesses and people share data
  • You need to have a program that can be accessed from anywhere by anyone you choose.

Web applications - easy collaboration

That is what web applications are all about. It is just like a program that runs on your PC except that it runs on a webserver. It means that you can collaborate with other businesses or people - even people from different businesses. Information can be distributed, goals can be met and your objective achieved.

Virus-proof your business

Many well known companies are starting to make use of web applications. The software is easily kept up to date and is very difficult to infect with viruses. You have the added security of knowing your data will be backed up every night. If some disaster happens to your premises you will not lose your valuable business data.

No longer just for millionaires and corporates

With the increasing sophistication of the web and web browsers, combined with plummeting costs for this technology, web applications are now accessible to anyone or any company. GemBiz has assisted companies to set up worldwide support networks.

What sort of business uses web applications?

Any kind of business can use a web application. It may be that you wish for your staff to have access to business data from wherever they are. It could be that you wish to collabarate with a business partner. For example, business development agencies with whom GemBiz works can log in to our work tracking system and see the status of any referrals they have made to us. They can keep up to date or assign new work to us, all at the click of a mouse.