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Getting to the top of Google

The question we get asked more than any other is "How do I get to the top of Google?". The answer is "With skill and intelligence". It takes time and effort and there is no guarantee you will get the top spot. However, you can almost certainly improve your current Google positioning.

Is my website optimised for Google??

How people look at a web site and how Google views it are two different things. The more text you have on the website, the better. There are also a few other factors like the title and the description of the web page. Websites produced by us are designed to help you get optimised for Google, so that you will have a strong foundation for the next stage.

What is your market?

Knowing your market and the type of words that people type in to find your business is just the first step on the road to success. You need to know what people are typing to find your website and to think about your target market. We have tools which can assist with this process and allow you to gauge words and phrases that are likely to be successful in attracting customers.

Which words are the best?

This is where good information is essential, because the trick is getting to the top with ordinary, everyday phrases that people use when looking for businesses like yours. Remember that  being in the first ten results puts you on the first page. Try clicking on the links below:

Active websites
Static websites
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How long does this take?

The process can vary considerably but you should be looking at a time-scale of months rather than days. Google often takes a week or so to notice changes on a website, so it can take quite a while to see how effective a set of changes were. Further adjustments may be necessary entailing another delay whilst Google catches up again.

Will I keep my position?

Maybe. Google has control of the software that decides the page rankings and occasionally they change it and a top ranked page drops to the bottom. The only solution to prevent this is to have good ,relevant content and to continually assess and monitor your website.

What to do next

If you want us to help you to improve your Google rankings then simply email us or phone on 0161 776 4601. This section of our website details some of the other factor that need to be taken into account for a good ranking.

A summary of pages in this section is below

Get to the top of Google with our Google Package

GemBiz offers a range of features that are designed to help you get to the top of Google.A HTML site map Site maps ensure that every page within your web site is linked to, thus increasing the number of internal links.A 404 error pageIf a customer (click here to read more)

Make Google index your site

Google now has a facility where it will read a file called a site map and use this to index your site. The advantage to Google is that if it finds a site map then it can add all the pages in your web site onto its index very quickly, thus ensuring that (click here to read more)

Improve your content - 'Content is King'

The big thing on web pages used to be keywords. Not any more. Keywords were so abused by those using them that the search engines have stopped using them to tell what a web page is about. (click here to read more)

How to submit your website

Obviously there are more search engines in the world than Google, butMore people in the USA and Europe use Google than any other search engine.In Asia, Yahoo is the most popular search engine.Google provide comprehensive toolkits to assist with (click here to read more)