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Delivering Sales targets

GemBiz have been working with Inconnection to help a large telecommunications company achieve their sales targets. Inconnection have done this by delivering a rewards scheme which helps motivate staff to sell more goods and services. The system also (click here to read more)

Surface solution at the top of Google

Surface solutions came to GemBiz at the end of 2008, wanting to gain more customers, and reduce the amount of spend on Adword campaigns. To achieve these goals GemBiz created a new web site which:-Made it easier to buy the companies products and (click here to read more)

Brian becomes a wizard

We always knew that Brian was a little bit magical, but now official recognition has come his way from Experts Exchange - a support forum where developers and other IT people help solve problems. The more support you manage, the higher your rank. (click here to read more)

Prize winner

In May 2008 GemBiz ran a small competition to find out what words were being used by our customers to find companies like us. The competition yielded some useful information, some of which is relevant to every one. How do your potential customers look (click here to read more)