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Types of websites

Depending on your business, we offer range of websites each designed to suit. From the "one man" business to a corporate business, we have a number of websites types that are suitable. 
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Static Websites - Simple and Effective

Are you getting your message across?The static website is a simple and effective way to get your message out. Static websites are quick to set up and should require almost no maintenance. When potential customers and clients are looking at you as a (click here to read more)

Active websites - Supreme Executive Power!

What is an active website? An active website is one that can change its content easily. A static website shows the same message again and again and again. An active website can show different content for different customers. It can run promotions or (click here to read more)

Websites that extend your corporate brand

Websites are part and parcel of your marketing strategy, so it is important that they extend your corporate brand. Having a branded web site allows visitors to know that they are on the right website. The branded look and feel of the web site also (click here to read more)

Editable business website

An editable business website (sometimes known as an active website) allows you to easily change the content of the website without having to wait on web designers. In fast moving business situations, this can be crucial as delay can result in missed (click here to read more)