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Take credit card payments with your website

Cash is nice, but is it safe?

Taking credit card payments through your website can significantly boost your income. GemBiz has helped companies ensure that orders are never missed, that payment is taken, verified and checked and that the money is in your company bank account before the end of the week.

Experience has shown that investing in credit card payments technology can significantly reduce missed or incompleted orders.

We specialise in linking the credit card payments process to the product being sold. For example, if you are selling something which is electronic in form - a book in PDF form or a subscription perhaps - then the system will email the item to the customer or allow a download of the product as soon as the payment is taken and banked. Physical products will result in the ordering system being automatically updated and an email to prompt sales staff to send the item to the customer.

Using credit card payments has never been easier and integrating them with your other business processes can result in happier customers, less hassled staff and an increase in the bottom line!

If you want to know more about using credit cards then why not drop us an email?

How long does it take to install Credit Card Payments?

There are a number of factors involved. If you are using a service such as Worldpay who act as the internet merchant account and the payment service then it can be done in a few weeks from start to finish. If your bank is providing the internet merchant account then this may add a delay of a week or so.

How do I get the money from the credit card?

The money is paid directly into your bank account. It is held over for a short period in case of cancellations or refunds and then it is paid to your bank account every week. The holdover period varies depending on the credit card payments service and the bank involved, but you will be told beforehand by the bank.